• Experience: INFORXXI S.A. has been working with ERP'S since 1996. We have a professional team, with highly qualified and experienced Consultants.

  • Analysis of your Business: With experience, Know How and training acquired over time, our consultants will, in order to optimize and select the best solutions, analyze your business.

  • Speed ​​of response: Whether by email, telephone contact, via Skype, we are always available for our Clients, with waiting times that do not exceed a few minutes, see your problems and concerns resolved quickly and with cordiality.

  • Customization: We adapt ERP to your company and not your company to ERP. We develop adjustments and applications that, together with ERP, will make your company more competitive and organized.

  • Customization: Your company has an image, we transpose your company's image into the ERP documentation, through fully customized Reports and according to your interests.