Data is the heart of any organization and backing it up is an essential part of any business strategy.

Still, it is estimated that one third of computers do not back up, according to Backblaze research by Harris Interactive. The study found that only 7% of users use safe practices on their computers, archiving data daily elsewhere.

Instead of using the traditional technique of backing up to an external hard drive, an increasingly popular alternative is to use an online backup service that stores data on servers in the cloud. No additional hardware is required.

  • Our service provides the Backup of all types of files, automatically your files are sent to our Datacenter, where we guarantee total security and reliability. With fast and secure access during the 24 hours of day, 7 days a week.

  • The space and files to be saved are fully customizable and the customer chooses the files to be saved and has the chance to update the disk space for their Backups at any time.